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Up the Skrang River

Will be travelling to Sarawak from the 19th to 23rd of September. 

It was actually quite amazing how I managed to join this trip. Earlier in the year, I felt that God was challenging me to join a mission trip. Seeing how my younger brother went to China even though he was Mandrin-challenged made me kind of embarassed. 

But then again, opportunity was scarce to come by. 

And then I joined the CELLS in Holy Light. And then I met Pastor (who was then a church elder) Gan, who happened to be on the missions committee, and who happened to be the team leader for this trip. And how he just invited me out of the blue and how the timing was flexible enough for me to take advantage of the mid sem break to go. 

The way God works is really amazing. And so here I am, typing this out when I should be darn well packing. I have to wake up at 400 am tomorrow and well…

Till then.


Success is sweet

I passed the comprehensive portion of the Phd Qualifying exam (PQE). And yeah, it is sweet.

Like many things in life, it came unexpectedly. What happened was this: I came down to school thinking that the results would be released some time later( 1-2 weeks later). For the past few days, since coming back from the new year holidays, I have been running over from my office to my pigeonhole in the mail room-as though got love letter waiting for me there.

There were other things to worry about: Seminars and lab work to prepare for, tutorials and homework to do and a thesis to type. It didn’t help that I kept on recalling the horrible mess I made out of my Analysis and C.Analysis papers. The dread was palpable.

I remember being sleepy the whole day. I had just finished the Orange Box, and watching (spoiler alert!) Eli Vance being killed didn’t help my energy level. Having lunch I bumped into MY’s labmate, Wei Jie(I think that’s his name…:P). We chatted about life so far, and he asked when would my PQE results come out. ” Within 1-2 weeks,” I replied.

I had a consultation session in the afternoon, but the first year students must have been genuises. Nobody came for help. Never mind, I brought my own work to do. So I sat there in the empty classroom struggling with French on one hand and mathematics on the other.

But I couldn’t stand the boredom( I need my radio when I work.)  Since I haven’t checked the pigeonhole yet I trooped down to give it a look. When the magnetic locks on the mail room door loosened, there I saw it:


The first one to know was my supervisor. It’s rather coincidental as I bumped into him on the way out on the 2nd floor. His office in on the 5th floor. Of course, the next to know was  my father and after a few SMS’es later, a few more friends.

This over dramatization of otherwise a mundane event in the history of the world is simply a shameless attempt to breath life into this blog. Ha…

God has come through for me for so many times it’s embarrassing: passing grade 8 piano, SPM Moral results (ask me for the story..haha), STPM results, coming here to Singapore (it’s a rather long story), hostel accommodation for 4 years on the back of a high turnover rate, being accepted in graduate school, affordable rental (after graduation) on the back of a heating property market, a place in Johor Baru to stay…and finally this happy news.

Some of my friends have had happy news to celebrate (Maureen and Vincent) too, but some have not and are bearing bad news (Ju Liang and family)-its sobering.

And always the lesson is the same for me: Trust, trust, trust.

He always comes through in the end when we least expect it and I guess…in ways least expected too.

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