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Embarassing Malaysian attitudes

What is the world’s number one blog? which covers tech news from all over the world. Well, it goes without saying that the name ‘Engadget’ itself is actually a business name and hence is trademark protected. (Much like the way MILO is a trademark)

But apparently some dudes in Sunway Pyramid thought its okay to take piracy to the next level by not only copying the name, but the font layout as well. Go here for the story.

This is major embarassment to our country. (Just read the comments on the post.) If anyone knows the owners of the store, tell them to take down the sign and find a better name for their company.


Video: David Blane and two unsuspecting fools

Do you know David Blaine-the crazy guy who does death defying stunts. Well, he’s a street magician too. Check this out,

Perhaps, you thought that would be end of it. Right? Wrong…

Simply hilarious.



is a great website I found over at

Here’s a screenshot of it in action.


It is a web-radio at heart and what it does is to match the music to reflect your current mood. The lines connecting one node to another tells you the next track that is going to be played.

A rough cut selection of music genre’s is available to choose from, or let the engine mix and match genres.

Music quality isn’t great but passable. There is an option to purchase tracks on iTunes, eBay or Amazon if some track strikes your fancy.

Another of web 2.0’s quirkyness…and a great way to discover music.


Personal post: Books and the virtues of Google Reader

I’m down with a ridiculous cough that has me in spasms. Thank God for Strepsils!

But otherwise I’m enjoying my new K610i, snapping up pictures almost every day. Just snapped a picture of a white pigeon today. Doubt that I’ll post it up here. The camera phone has a less than desirable image sharpness.

I’ve finished reading two books. The Open Secret by Lesslie Newbign and another by John Piper, The Justification of God. They are Christian books (and these are Christian leaders) which are very, VERY hard to read. Hehe, I like the challenge after all. It’s definitely worth reading a second, and maybe third time. The former talks about the Christian mission to the world and the second is an exegetical study on Romans 9:1-23. Good stuff, despite their difficulty.

I’m done with Harish-Chandra for a while. Maybe I’ll move on to Schimdt’s, Characters of Discrete Series, but I really need to look into the assignment my supervisor gave me.

Waiting for my video-documentary on global warming to finish buffering. Net connection is slow at night. Starhub!!??
And speaking of which, Google Reader. That’s where I view the feed of all the blogs I usually visit. It’s really cool and cuts down the precious time wasted by visiting a friends blog and finding out he/she hasn’t updated yet…Use Google Reader today, it’s free!

**Now I’m sounding like a Google spokesperson. I should really think about working with Google when I graduate.**


Doing away with the GUI Desktop

Somehow this really clicked with me. It’s geeky stuff, but one that we have to deal with more and more and computers become more and more a part of our lives.

A snap from the Enso webpage. Their tagline is Get Humanized.


There is a weblog as well, which you can access here.

It would be interesting to see whether or not this paradigm will take off. I do agree a lot with what the presenter said: A lot of our assumptions on ease-of-use and organization are actually NOT so valid. I think what is happening nowadays, is the return to content, the return to people and actually making the computer-as in the famous HP tagline-personal again.

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