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Bombs may have devastated their training pitch,…

but there’s no stopping the Iraqi football team in the recently concluded AFC. They won 1-0 against Saudi Arabia in the finals.

I can imagine that this victory is more than just football jubiliation for their country. Hopefully we can hear more good news coming from Iraq.


Manchester Utd is not coming after all

Man U dump Malaysia match

Kuala Lumpur – Premier League champions Manchester United on Thursday bowed to pressure from the Asian Football Confederation and called off their planned match in Malaysia in July.

Ah, well so sad (depending on whether you are a MU fanatic or not). The AFC wins after all. I guess not even the combined power of KJ , his father-in-law  and the Azalina could persuade the AFC to change their mind.

It all started with this surprise announcement. Which let to a lot of anguish by local fans who wrote into the papers and led to a decision by FAM to go on with it.

I think you know this got them into trouble with the AFC. And boy did AFC retaliate.

I don’t know how you all feel about this whole fiasco, but personally (because I’m not a football fanatic):

This is an example of the problem European clubs face. One of overpacked league schedules. I’m sure MU wanted to come here. But they are not gonna to come in the middle of their season right? So they choose to come in July, just before the new EPL season starts which, unfortunately, clashes with the Asian Cup.

It’s kinda sad because the club will tour the other countries like Japan and South Korea. Maybe if you’re up to it, fly to Macau to see them instead.

What I find kinda strange is the whole ‘tourism’ thingy. Come on-lah, MU coming here is more a treat for local fans that a steroid boost into the countries tourism earnings. I seriously doubt that one football club, (no matter how big and well known they are) can draw the legions from overseas Tengku Mansor is talking about. I know they are a lot of other Malaysians who support other clubs as well.

Now the interesting thing is to see, that after fighting so hard to negotiate with the AFC, will the government back FAM when AFC brings legal actions against them?


Andres Vasquez goal of the day.

Here’s a youtube video for you football freaks out there. Sorry, it’s in Swedish though.

Can you do it?

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