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The 2009 candy bar

Budget 2009 was tabled this evening as usual, after the stock market closes.

And as expected, it was chock full of sweets that before you know it, Malaysians will be flocking to doctors for diabetes management.

Anyway, the man himself couldn’t resist taking a swipe at the Opposition, slamming them as being populist.

I don’t know, this budget is pretty populist to me. The Government is throwing money at nearly everyone!

Here are things that will affect me:

Households which incur monthly electricity bills of RM20 or less, will not have to pay for electricity, for the period from 1 October 2008 to end of 2009.

* The current tax rebate of RM350 per person be increased to RM400 for those with taxable income of RM35,000 and below.

* All interest income from savings for individuals be tax exempt.

* Reduce import duties on various consumer durables from between 10% and 60% to between 5% and 30%. These include blender, rice cooker, microwave oven and electric kettle.

Full import duty exemption on several food items, which currently attract import duties of between 2% and 20%. These include vermicelli, biscuits, fruit juices and canned sweet corn.

* Reduce the road tax on private passenger vehicles with diesel engines to be the same as those with petrol engines, effective 1 September 2008.

I WON’T HAVE TO PAY (maybe a minimum sum of RM3 lah) FOR MY ELECTRICITY USAGE as I consume < RM 20 every month. Coupled with a meagre RM4 of water, I effectively don’t need to pay for utilities. Ah…the perverse joy of living in Malaysia.

I have been planning to get a blender and microwave oven. This means that over time, probably next year, these things should get cheaper.

It’s nice to know that comfort food should be cheaper tomorrow. I can buy Chipsmore without feeling too guilty.

Now by some perverse reasoning, I don’t want Anwar to take over!! Then I need to pay for electricity 😦 But wait, Anwar promises cheap petrol, and since I’m planning to get a car sometime next year….hmmmm


Newton’s third law of motion

Just says that for every reaction

Abdullah Badawi wants AG to investigate 6 including former PM, Tun Mahathir implicated in the Lingam tape scandal

There is a equal and opposite reaction

Tun Mahathir quits UMNO!

That’s Wesak Day enlightenment for you

* * *

Watched Narnia: Prince Caspian yesterday. It’s quite good. I really like the ending credits song written by songwriter/singer Regina Spektor.


Getting the message across

I had originally wanted to blog about the bus hold up at the checkpoint. But this article in the StraitsTimes perked my interest instead.

A NEW school of thought is emerging on what a country needs to grow economically.

And leading it is China, which will use the upcoming Olympics Games as a platform to get across its message on growth, said Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew.

And I thought to myself, “Precisely!”

During the Spielberg resignation, the People’s Republic crackdown on Tibet and the anti-Chinese protests that followed the Olympic torch relay every other news commentary and letters-to-the-editor in the Singapore media was along the lines of don’t-politicise-the-Olympic-games vein.

But you know, I guess is not really about the Games and being apolitical, but about whose politics gets to ride on with the Games. I guess since it is China’s Games, it should be China’s politics and political ideology to permeate the Olympics. And that is what Old Harry is telling us with that statement.

So if it’s Western values of freedom, democracy and basic respect for human dignity, the Olympics should BE APOLITICAL. But when it is about economic growth, peace and stability, it becomes A PLATFORM. That is deconstruction in real life for you.

* * *

I had an unpleasant encounter with a totally unprofessional taxi driver. After getting into his cab, he lingered on hoping to pick up OTHER passangers en route to Permas Jaya. I had to tell him off before he finally got going. Sigh…


My oh my, Zakaria Deros dies of heart attack

Zakaria Deros is infamously known as the Satay-Man of Klang. It was revealed last year that he had built a multi-million ringgit mansion without council approval. In fact, his chain of restaurants operated without license as well.

And he couldn’t care less.

When people started making noise, he wept crocodile tears and said he was sorry. But what the heck, nothing else he did do.

And now, after the elections, he’s dead.

If this doesn’t strike fear into those UMNO big-wigs who have been misusing the ‘rakyat’s  monies for their own personal gain, I wonder what will.

Link to the Bernama report.


Christmas and Harry Potter

I spent my Christmas in KL, racking my brains for meaningful presents to get for family with a budget of less than a 25 ringgit.

No matter, I triumphed, and my brother, sister, mother and father have had their material possessions incremented for the year next.

Apart from that, eating and catching up with with cousins from NZ and Penang, a Harry Potter marathon was also on my agenda. It’s kinda cool reading one book after another from 1-7. I missed out on number 4 (Goblet of Fire) but that’s ok. Once again I can safely say that Rowling is a genius, or else we will be thinking Roald Dahl’s work is as humourous as a Sunday morning’s news report.

Speaking of which, the local news I missed out on turned out to be the ISM’s refusal to grant a publishing permit over the use of ‘Allah’ in a Catholic newsletter. I say that it is one small step from banning the use of Akitab (Malay translation of the Bible) amongst the Malay speaking community. Way to go Malaysia!

And internationally, Benazir Bhutto was assasinated. I got the news when I switched on my comp. If I am allowed to make predictions, if this year was dominated by Iraq, next year will be Pakistan.

Sigh, news bad…bad news..What a way to end the year.


Myanmar and ASEAN

I guess the buzzword about Mynmar is ‘national reconciliation’.

Is the country split? Is there a civil war? Unarmed monks and pro-democracy protesters march peacefully in the streets, one democratically elected leader bound up under house arrest and what is needed is ‘national reconciliation’?

One wonders why ASEAN even bothers.

It is of course unfair to condemn the state of foreign policy in this region. PM Lee Hsien Loong, leading a country of far greater standing than Myanmar has to condescend to PM Thein Sein’s requests and cancel Ibrahim’s briefing. If PM Lee can’t even put his foot down on issues like this, I doubt we could have done a better job.

And with their smiling teeth reflecting their ‘commitment’ to ‘human rights’ in the form of a charter which has been described as ‘landmark’, you can be sure ASEAN is doing a good job of promoting democracy in the region.

Just think about it, hardly any one of the main ASEAN states can truly be deemed democratic. BN and PAP are totally dominant in Malaysia and Singapore respectively, Myanmar and Thailand is military ruled, Brunei is an aristocracy, Philipines even with a heritage of people power movements, just can’t get corruption out of the presidency and well…one could go on. Sure they can sign any charter they want, and sure we can certainly hope they will live up to its high ideals.

No, ASEAN need not bother with talk of national reconciliation. Those are just a bunch of words. Perhaps what ASEAN needs to do is to learn from Myanmar’s junta on how to suppress dissent, murder and torture their own citizens and still get away with it. What’s better, get your neighbors to cry,” Stop!” and silence them with and up pointed finger to their nose.


Mass effect

Mass Effect for the Xbo360 ships. Reviews are generally good. Gamespy reported technical glitches running on the Xbox which then leads me to ask

Will it come out of the PC? And will it perform better?

Bioware has ported many of its titles to the PC at some later date e.g. KOTOR, Sith Lords and Jade Empire. It would be surprising if ME didn’t get ported.

I’ll be on a lookout on this one.

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