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It’s been a long time…

…since I had a good Wan Tan Mee.

It was another boring Saturday afternoon, and me decided to go walk around Vivocity, since I’ve never been there before. As expected it was crowded to the brim. When I first entered, there was a small jazz ensemble playing in front of some boutique shop. Nice way to greet me, although they were there for the shop’s promotional strategy of course.

Vivocity is kinda nice, but generic. It is after all, for shopping, and that’s what you’ll get loads of. Their food court is named Food Republic and has a kind of wood-house kampung theme to it. Something different for sure, but I didn’t really try the stalls, just walked around.

Then went to Sim Lim. There’s a Wan Tan Mee stall just outside the OG building. For $3.oo, I had the best wantan noodles in Singapore so far.

(Now I get it, the secret is in the noodles. It should be soft and springy.)

On the way back, I passed by the Pasta Fresca outside Fong Seng. It’s a shame it closed down, there’s where I celebrated by graduation dinner with my family. But then again, it was usually empty.

Going back tomorrow night. I seriously need to escape from this pressure cooker of an island.


Zhap Fan in Malaysia and Singapore

I just realized something about Zhap Fan (or economical rice).

The way it is sold here in Singapore is different from Malaysia! Back in KL, I get to ladle the dishes on to my rice. But in Singapore, the guy does it for you. Why, ‘kiasu‘ isst…?

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PCM meeting

Mrs. Wong invited me to her PCM group today. Had a heavy tea, which doubled up as my dinner!

But attending the PCM made me think about CF during my hostelite days. I miss those times. Miss the worship, discussion, the laughter (and tears) and the general nonsense that people do when they meet up together. Of course, ehem….there was also certain someone that I would ‘want’ to meet there…

It was the joy of working together to achieve something as well. The first Jesus screening I organized in my first year, all the combined CG meets, the welcome suppers and christmas dinner during my second, the evangelistic exam blessing in my third and baking cookies for exam blessing in my final year.

Somehow there is something about CF that will never be replicated elsewhere. Something about the close bond of fellowship forged by communal living, sealed by the spirit of the living God. Something just different…

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