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Something good out of global warming?

In a twist out of the usual doomsday scenario of global climate change (the politically correct version of global warming), freight will now be able to be shipped across the Artic because of melting ice. Shorter shipping routes, cheaper transport costs…everyone happy?

Now, this is thinking out of the box.

PARIS – MELTING ice in the Canadian Arctic has opened up a shorter and cheaper shipping route between Europe and Asia.

Global impact of shorter shipping route



The land of the rising sun

It was actually good, considering the things I’ve been going through to have a trip to Japan. It is a very beautiful country. And the mixture of solitude and awe is a good way to calm the

Although I spent most of my time learning mathematics, the little opportunities that gave me free time saw me in natural environments.

Appreciating the wonderful countryside

If God offers us such gem’s like this,

What a waste just to let it tear it away? That photo and the following are flowers growing (cultivated) on Mt. Moiwa

And what a view it is from the top, 531 meters above sea level!

Sayonara Japan. Arigato Gozaimas!

More photos available here!


Stunning photo!

by Maciek Duczynski
Canon EOS 5D


A higher resolution of this photo can be found here.


Simply beautiful.


Do you know your science?

It has been common nowadays for us to eschew synthetic products/medicine for the so called ‘natural’ occurring ones. Much of these natural cure-alls is marketed in the media as being ‘scientifically’ proven formulas while synthetic products are vilified as being dangerous to our health.

A high school student in Idaho, USA won first prize in a science fair. He asked the following question, “Should dihydrogen monoxide be made illegal?”

43 out of 50 people said they would support a move to ban this dangerous substance.

I say he totally deserved the prize.


Live earth concerts?

The Live Earth series of concerts, a 24 hour run of performances around the globe in 7 cities is meant to raise awareness of global warming. Exactly how it works, I’m not to sure.

Being pretty sure that it was (and is) well attended, I can’t but wonder at the irony of it all when concert goers return home and turn on the air conditioning full blast to chill out after that tiring day.

I can’t but wonder at the irony of the excessive energy usage during the concert. Whether or not such consumption is counted as ‘waste’ or ‘proper use’, it doesn’t change the fact that a lot of coal was used to generate that amount of electricity.

I also can’t but wonder how if global climate change is as global as it is, why are they targeting party goers and under 30 under-somethings who actually do not own the big corporations and factories or run countries that produce green house emissions.

I can’t but wonder how having a concert about climate change, a celebration of awareness as the organizers would have it, a feel good session of ‘I’ve done my part’, will motivate people to make sacrifices after the concert to cut down energy wastage after an orgy of energy wastage in the concert itself.

I believe in global warming, and that the way to approach it is through hard education and questioning and not emotional posturing like in a concert of all things. Greenhouse gases don’t just disappear because you attended some concert, or wore a green shirt on 7/7/07.


Beauty of nature

All of us long for that perfect picture of sunset. But capturing this image is still reserved for the select few.

This view of Earth’s horizon as the sunsets over the Pacific Ocean was taken by an Expedition 7 crewmember onboard the International Space Station (ISS). Anvil tops of thunderclouds are also visible. Link.

What a wonderful world we live in. đŸ™‚



I was pleasantly surprised to see ducks swimming in a little lake at west coast park.

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