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Mass effect

Mass Effect for the Xbo360 ships. Reviews are generally good. Gamespy reported technical glitches running on the Xbox which then leads me to ask

Will it come out of the PC? And will it perform better?

Bioware has ported many of its titles to the PC at some later date e.g. KOTOR, Sith Lords and Jade Empire. It would be surprising if ME didn’t get ported.

I’ll be on a lookout on this one.


Gears of War and a new Google pagerank

Honestly I haven’t been blogging with the same enthusiasm  compared to the past few months.

Partly because of lack of inspiration and laziness combined. Besides, lack of access to a broadband connection has probably something to do with it.

But it may be a good thing too. There are other pursuits worth trying.

Anyway, google has ranked my page at 5. A vast improvement over my 1 ranking before. That’s rather strange. Will check back tomorrow to see what its rank actually is.

Am looking forward to Gears of War for the PC.  GOW is to the XBOX360 what Halo was for the XBOX. ‘Nuff said.


A documentary on the development of the Final Fantasy franchise

Any gamer worth his salt knows the legendary Final Fantasy collection of video games. For some of us, having sweaty fantasies with Yuna from FF10 maybe the first time we became acquainted with this great body of work. But for others with more refined tastes like me our journey may have started with Final Fantasy 7 or earlier.

Personally I have played (using the Japanese version of numbering) 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. I’ve completed 5, 7 ,8 and 9. 4 was just too hard and 6…well let’s just say I’ve yet to find the motivation.

And hence it was so wonderful to stumble across this 13 part documentary, Final Fantasy Retrospective. So far only 3 parts have been aired (online).

Free for viewing and download here.


Review: The Simpsons

Aaah, finally something that I can watch while snuggling under the blanket on a cold night with a hot beverage in my hand. Except that I’ll probably spill a mouthful of hot coffee all over the bedding for laughing out loud.

The Simpson’s is genuinely funny, positively heartwarming and a certain scene(you will know if you watch it) brought a sliver of tear to my eye. It is irreverent, slapstick, smart ass humour, ridiculous and satirical; a poke and jibe at organized religion, enviromentalism and politics in the US of A.

The plot drives well, and you’ll probably appreciate that it did, because the last thing anybody wants watching Bart skateboard naked from home to Krusty’s is a storyline suckier than Lake Springfield. Ooops, spoilers there. And true to the spirit that made Simpsons the beloved American family worldwide, it is the characters who actually carry the weight of the movie, not their reputation as a 90s cultural icon. Which is a good thing actually, considering how stale and flat Spiderman and Shrek was trying to coast to the box office on nothing more than a candy floss of movie-making.

I shall say that it is not a children’s show. It puts sex into sexy, and language into vulgarity. But it also puts intelligence into dumb humour and entertaining the thought that Arnold Schwarzaneggar could be the next US President probably will comfort us Malaysians with the politicians we are stuck with.


What! No Harry Potter being sold at the big 4?

MPH, Popular, Harris(?) and Times are not selling Harry Potter and the Deadly Hollows.

They say, it’s a protest against some hypermarkets(which are?) being able to sell the book at RM70. They want to show that by not putting a book priced at RM109.90 for sale(Wah! that’s more expensive than what’s being sold in Singapore leh….I’ve booked mine for $43 only), they are seen as not profiteering from customers.

I say, Catch-22.

Classic case of “damned if you do, damned if you don’t.”

The book is priced at USD 34.99, but as of today you can get it from the online store at a 50% discount, at USD 17.00!


The Golden Compass

Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials Trilogy entranced me the very first time I read the 3 books. The Golden Compass is the first title in the series and is to be cast onscreen coming December 7th.

If you haven’t caught the book, buy it! (Or borrow from the National Library, sure have one!) It is engaging, well-written in crisp English. The plot is intelligent and imaginative. Principal protagonists like Lyra capture your heart and make her story, your story.

Capturing all that in this movie adaptation will be a tall order. I just hope that with pedigree like Daniel Craig, Nicole Kidman together with first-timer Dakota Blue Richards, it will score well.


Review: Die Hard 4.0

DH4.0 is a movie where the phrase 9/11 was repeated at least 3 times in the whole movie, or at least implied and made a smidgen of the plot line. And if America was run on a central connected computer system, it would be on its knees by now, and George Bush “Maclane” Jr. would bash in guns blazing and shouting vulgarities to save the day.

Ok, that was irreverent. But the whole flick was a nice dig at the US administration.

photo of Live Free or Die Hard,  Justin Long, Bruce Willis

Live Free or Die Hard (2007) – Justin Long, Bruce Willis

For all the implausibility of the plot, Die Hard is not mindless ‘Commando‘ machine gunning.  Bruce was armed with nothing more than his 9 mm while everyone else had kung-fu, automatic weapons, computer hackery and even a F-35C.  But what’s nice is how he used the environment to bust them. That made the action pieces more than just a game of hide and seek.

But all this is technical. I didn’t feel why Bruce should bother saving the world if in his words, “there’s no one else to do it.” Well, that doesn’t warm the cockles of my heart. Really. I didn’t feel for the chaos and the desperation; Die Hard is like watching a video game walkthrough-clinical from start to finish, but soulless.

Watch it to celebrate the end of a week of office politics and bitchy customers. Otherwise, don’t bother. 4/5.

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