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City of Angels

No I’m not actually referring to Los Angeles, Calif.

My pastor preached a sermon on angels. And seriously what a refresher it was!

It’s been a long time since I heard a sermon preached on this topic. And in fact, angels-the stuff that evoke fantastical imagery amongst the believers-is seldom preached nowadays.

The more I think about it, the more I’m thankful to God for bringing me to JB. It’s the little things about this place that shows His remarkable hand at work: From the apartment, to the church and even the little blessing of having the bus stop right outside my place.

But concerning church, it’s not to say Faith Methodist isn’t a good church or that the pastors don’t preach God’s Word. In Holy Light, several laymen preach as well. Even though their sermons are not as ‘entertaining’ as the ones in FMC, in many respects they are superior sermons.

Sermons from FMC are more or less predictable, but I could never predict that pastor was going to preach on Angels today! And in fact, I actually learnt something new (i.e. unlearn a mistake)

* * *

Short notes: Going to watch Ironman tomorrow. I’m thinking of checking my eyesight also-have been getting headaches playing HL2.



Today I attended what must be the smallest church service of all. 4 families worshipping together including the pastor’s family. What’s interesting that the pastor resides in Singapore and ministers here in Permas Jaya.

Will still be looking for another place to worship, don’t think I can settle down there.


Beautiful phrases…

Was at PCM group last night. During one of the rounds of sharing, Kelvin(a group member) shared about his experiences as a very young christian during his primary days.

He used the phrase, “….dancing to the tune of Christ..”

Somehow it sounded so right and so beautiful that I had to put it up here. It’s really who we are isn’t it? Dancers, to the tune of Christ.

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PCM meeting

Mrs. Wong invited me to her PCM group today. Had a heavy tea, which doubled up as my dinner!

But attending the PCM made me think about CF during my hostelite days. I miss those times. Miss the worship, discussion, the laughter (and tears) and the general nonsense that people do when they meet up together. Of course, ehem….there was also certain someone that I would ‘want’ to meet there…

It was the joy of working together to achieve something as well. The first Jesus screening I organized in my first year, all the combined CG meets, the welcome suppers and christmas dinner during my second, the evangelistic exam blessing in my third and baking cookies for exam blessing in my final year.

Somehow there is something about CF that will never be replicated elsewhere. Something about the close bond of fellowship forged by communal living, sealed by the spirit of the living God. Something just different…

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I have a right to justice

I realized that my posts of late are concered primarily with happenings back home in Malaysia and rather mundane aspects of my life.

With respect to the latter, apologies. I just can’t think of anything better to post.

But for the former, I make no apologies. These are the examples of things that get me very worked up. The imposition of authority through brute force- ” There is no need to debate, just accept it!”

But then, enough said about the Malaysian political culture. I guess I should post something about my spiritual life (or lack thereof). emoticon

Transition from VCF to a local church was relatively smooth. Right now I’m with a PCM group and serving in both Faith Acts and the choir. I guess (if there are any VCFers who still read this blog) that involvement in a local church is kinda the anchor. To transition smoothly out from VCF and still continue to grow, we do need to invovle ourselves in something more than Sunday worship services.

Quiet time has been rather off an on. Still adapting to the rigor of waking up early before rushing to school to do work. But, I’ve made my commitment once more go over the Bible, cover to cover again. With the help from ‘s reading plan. I should finish it in exactly one year.

All this said, does this make me ok?

I don’t think so. I’m not ok. I realize it everyday. Something is missing. Maybe a taste of heaven, or a dissatisfaction with what the world offers. Maybe it’s that bout of loneliness all we single people struggle with. Or out struggle with sin. Nah, I’m not ok. I’m just on a journey just like everybody else.

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