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City of Angels

No I’m not actually referring to Los Angeles, Calif.

My pastor preached a sermon on angels. And seriously what a refresher it was!

It’s been a long time since I heard a sermon preached on this topic. And in fact, angels-the stuff that evoke fantastical imagery amongst the believers-is seldom preached nowadays.

The more I think about it, the more I’m thankful to God for bringing me to JB. It’s the little things about this place that shows His remarkable hand at work: From the apartment, to the church and even the little blessing of having the bus stop right outside my place.

But concerning church, it’s not to say Faith Methodist isn’t a good church or that the pastors don’t preach God’s Word. In Holy Light, several laymen preach as well. Even though their sermons are not as ‘entertaining’ as the ones in FMC, in many respects they are superior sermons.

Sermons from FMC are more or less predictable, but I could never predict that pastor was going to preach on Angels today! And in fact, I actually learnt something new (i.e. unlearn a mistake)

* * *

Short notes: Going to watch Ironman tomorrow. I’m thinking of checking my eyesight also-have been getting headaches playing HL2.


Bible storybook

I remember that my first encounter with the Bible was through a brightly coloured Children’s Bible. It had full colour pictures (not illustrations), not cartoony but drawn realistically. I loved it, evidenced by repeat readings (or rather lookings) until it fell apart at the seams.

Other than that they were this series of comic books running through the major Bible stories starting with the creation and ending with Paul’s appeal to Ceasar. Loved it as well. Too bad I can’t remember the publisher and the title, but these are forever etched into my mind. Even when I read the bible now, I sort of ‘cast’ the passage with images from these comic books. So the Israelite men always wore short skirts and Paul was bald…(was he?)

Anyway, here’s an excerpt from a Bible storybook. Gotta love the brightly coloured pictures.

I should add that the image is from Christianity Today.


What does he mean?

An excerpt from the Times Online. An opinion piece on the 2008 US Presidential race.

Here again, Obama, by virtue of generation and accident, bridges this deepening divide. He was brought up in a nonreligious home and converted to Christianity as an adult. But – critically – he is not born-again. His faith – at once real and measured – lives at the centre of the American religious experience. It is a modern, intellectual Christianity.

Converted to Christianity…but not born-again? Now what is that supposed to mean?

I guess we have to give allowances for the way non-Christians use theological language. But I just can’t escape the feeling that the phrase was rather unnecessary. Is it meant to insinuate that ‘born-again Christians’ are unintellectual and anti-modern?

I would characterize my conversion to Christianity as being ‘born-again’, and why is that in opposition to a thinking faith, the one that (Barack) Obama is deemed to have?



It was a shock. And a reminder of the terrible times we are in.

23 South Korean nationals were abducted in Afghanistan by Taliban rebels to force South Korean troops out of the country. One of them, the pastor of the mission team was shot dead, despite ongoing negotiations to free them. It broke the news last night.

My condolences.


Fruitful discussion

Last night’s PCM was great!

We had a really fruitful (and long) time of discussing a familiar verse: The one where Jesus calms the storm.

So one of us looked at the passage and came up with an alternative reading (different from the one about having faith that Jesus can calm the ‘storms’ in your life)

What if the disciples were not pleading for their life when they woke Jesus during the storm? It’s a mixture of desperation and frustration and anger with Jesus for sleeping soundly while the rest were working hard to keep the boat afloat.¬† Waking him up, the retort was more a sarcastic request than any genuine plea for their lives.

“..And He got up and (C)rebuked the wind and said to the sea, “Hush, be still.” And the wind died down and it became perfectly calm…” (NASB)

Nice one, the disciples now knew they had unleashed a beast, so to speak. Jesus was no longer some respectable rabbi and amazing miracle worker. He was more than that.

“…And He said to them, “Why are you afraid? (D)Do you still have no faith?…” (NASB)

We could interpret this as Jesus claim to divinity.  Not so much faith in what he could do, but faith in who he was. At first they were afraid that they would die, now the were really afraid of who stood before them. He was God.

They say familiarity breed contempt. Nothing highlights it clearer than this account, and the response that Jesus gives to such attitudes.

And after that sharing, the entire PCM was quiet for a whole 2 minutes.


What I thought of today…

Just a little two cents worth of theological musings.

Been wondering of the REAL meaning behind our beloved verse, “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

In what has come to characterize the quasi-rationalism of the 21st century, a non-Christian would say, “Who made Christ our saviour? I didn’t ask to be saved, I don’t need to be saved and I damn well didn’t vote for Christ to save me.”

That is a hard hitting way to put it, but for a the past 4 years, we have been slurping the damning media coverage of a botched US attempt to “bring democracy to Iraq.” Can’t blame anyone for taking the anti-salvation stance.

For the past 4 years, conscientious Malaysians have watched in dismay as basic local governance, security and national unity get torn to shreds under the administration of a PM who had promised to bring a new leaf to Malaysia under his banner of Islam Hadhari. Religion has done little to change things; one wonders whether Christ would fare any better.

Whether outside our borders or within, we are being told (daily) that religion breeds disaster. And that the old fashion way of cleaning up the cesspit we got ourselves into is to roll up our sleeves and…start scrubbing.

(To be continued in a next post…)


Billy Graham’s wife passes away…



Condolences. She, as much as her husband was an inspiration to me as well.

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