“You complete me….”

That line, spoken by the Joker to Christian Bale’s character Batman a.k.a. Bruce Wayne is actually a spoof of the very old film Jerry Maguire.

It didn’t send chills down my spine though. Maybe because by the time the film had reached that point, I was emotionally spent. I would spoil the film if I went on from here. Let’s just say, from then on I didn’t ‘feel’ for the characters anymore.

Heath Ledger’s acting is top class, but so are the others. I especially loved Gary Oldman. He played James Gordon, and certainly is one of the better actors overlooked by movie critics who seem to have a girlish crush on the psychopath Joker.

The ending of the show was meant to be inevitable. Harvey Dent’s ‘fall’ from grace was sort of predictable, given his explosive personality and holier-than-thou characterization. But the ending was supposed to be tragic, it just didn’t seem that way. Anti-climatic was how I would describe it. Harvey “Two-face” just doesn’t cut it a tragic hero-I had no sympathy for him.  The Dark Knight, I am sad to say, was a failure on that point.

Go watch The Dark Knight. Go watch it for Heath Ledger, Gary Oldman, Christian Bale, Micheal Caine and Morgan Freeman. Go watch the suspense, the action, mind games and clever writing. Enjoy this while you can, because with the way the movie ends, you’ll end up wishing that there had to be another way of telling a story.


2 Responses to ““You complete me….””

  1. 1 mark
    July 19, 2008 at 2:33 pm

    dude, what are you talking about? Dark Knight was great all around. Sure it didn’t have this huge climax at the end, do you want every movie to be that way. Critics are all alike, you’ll bash a movie no matter how it is. The end wasn’t epic enough, so you complain..if it did have some huge climax you’d say that it was too predictable. Just sit back and enjoy the movie. It was the best movie of the summer and you have to go and say it didn’t meet your expectations.

    Dark Knight was such a sweet movie, totally worth seeing. Best movie of the summer

  2. July 22, 2008 at 4:50 pm

    and there i was thinking this post was about Jerry Maguire (smile)…but ok i’m glad I read it, because usually when i read a *negative* review of a movie I tend to experience it as somewhat ‘better than expected’ ;>)

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