City of Angels

No I’m not actually referring to Los Angeles, Calif.

My pastor preached a sermon on angels. And seriously what a refresher it was!

It’s been a long time since I heard a sermon preached on this topic. And in fact, angels-the stuff that evoke fantastical imagery amongst the believers-is seldom preached nowadays.

The more I think about it, the more I’m thankful to God for bringing me to JB. It’s the little things about this place that shows His remarkable hand at work: From the apartment, to the church and even the little blessing of having the bus stop right outside my place.

But concerning church, it’s not to say Faith Methodist isn’t a good church or that the pastors don’t preach God’s Word. In Holy Light, several laymen preach as well. Even though their sermons are not as ‘entertaining’ as the ones in FMC, in many respects they are superior sermons.

Sermons from FMC are more or less predictable, but I could never predict that pastor was going to preach on Angels today! And in fact, I actually learnt something new (i.e. unlearn a mistake)

* * *

Short notes: Going to watch Ironman tomorrow. I’m thinking of checking my eyesight also-have been getting headaches playing HL2.


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