A comedy of errors

So I woke up an hour later today.

Bathed and took the bus down to JB town, boarded 170 and waited for it to groan across the Causeway. And I waited…and waited and waited…for a bloody half and hour!!

before I realized that the bus was practically not moving. No, it wasn’t a jam, the cars were moving along alright. I got down and  decided to walk (wasting 67 cents in the end) discovering that an excursion bus was ‘parked’ right in the middle of the single-lane leading to the Causeway proper, blocking all buses behind it. What an idiot!!

This wasn’t just some minor hold up. As I walked along the entire stretch of the Causeway, there was practically no bus-not even the factory bus! I imagined a riot at the Woodlands Checkpoint.

Ok to cut the story short, so I finally plunked myself down in the office. First thing, check mail. And lo and behold, I recieved a mail (dated 24/3) informing me that my Phd Oral Exams are scheduled for THIS WEEK. Nice one….

Well at least, they took into account the DELAY in informing me and said that I could schedule it next week instead-which I will do. (The letter was really cookie cutter, I wonder why it took so long to let me know what I should do.)

And finally, I spent the whole day trying to correct a mistake that I thought I had made in my paper when I finally realized that I was actually right in the first place. ARRGGHHHHHH!!!!


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