No nonsense Singaporean attitudes…

Not that I have had a run in with the law, but this snippet is too good to pass by.

I am not foolhardy; I stay away from alleys and don’t flash jewellery. But I know parts of London in particular to be increasingly dangerous, and with growing caution comes growing rage. I will not be kept cringing indoors, not by day or night; nor should any man or woman in a free country. Reclaim the night! In that cause it is well worth frightening louts and their parents, doing random searches, breaking gangs, hammering drug dealers, herding thieving addicts into rehab and flooding the streets with zero-tolerance police with Singaporean attitudes.

“Walk at night? Why would anyone do that?” asks the Home Secretary. Because we’re free human beings, that’s why.

“And what would a British bobby with Singaporean attitudes look like?” I chuckled mildly to myself. I guess Libby had in mind a Singaporean, straight as a set square and-apparently- inflexible. I got her drift, but it’s hard to zero in on what she meant exactly-given that I have lived in Singapore for 5 years.

A dig-or compliment-to Singaporean society?

The context is of course the rising crime rate in London and the Home Secretary’s response it this issue. The entire column itself is worth a read.


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