More rule of law?

Prof Jayakumar said that in non-homgenous societies, the rule of law is ‘all the more important, as it makes expectations transparent’.

‘For multi-racial and multi-religious societies, where there are several communities with different religious beliefs and values, each community will hold its moral values deeply. Without observance of the rule of law, the individual can and will act according to his conscience as guided by his moral beliefs even when it breaks the law.

‘To avoid this there has to be respect for the law by all on accordance with common ground rules of engagement and conflict resolution, and to secure as large common secular space which belongs to all citizens regardless of race, language or religion,’ he said.


You would have thought that the more ‘educated’ political elite of Singapore would give better media statements than the overused rhetoric so often heard from certain Malaysian leaders.

But no, it seems that adding a Prof to the front of your title gives you more vocabulary to express what is basically the same point:

“Multi-racial societies are predisposed towards chaos. That’s why we need more rule of law and less civil liberties.”

Frankly speaking, there is no such thing as a homogeneous society anywhere in the world. Skin colour may be the same, but somehow people living within a same country will always find something to differ about. In France, you are a Cartesian or Pascalian. In Latin America, you are Protestant or Catholic. In Bosnia, Christian or Muslim.

The wise Prof’s arguments shows that every country in the world, including Singapore needs laws. What he fails to argue for is why people living in Singapore cannot have the same civil liberties like in most first world countries.

As they say, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. The machinery running Singapore is the old dog, there’s nothing new about it, despite the cosmetics.


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