Live earth concerts?

The Live Earth series of concerts, a 24 hour run of performances around the globe in 7 cities is meant to raise awareness of global warming. Exactly how it works, I’m not to sure.

Being pretty sure that it was (and is) well attended, I can’t but wonder at the irony of it all when concert goers return home and turn on the air conditioning full blast to chill out after that tiring day.

I can’t but wonder at the irony of the excessive energy usage during the concert. Whether or not such consumption is counted as ‘waste’ or ‘proper use’, it doesn’t change the fact that a lot of coal was used to generate that amount of electricity.

I also can’t but wonder how if global climate change is as global as it is, why are they targeting party goers and under 30 under-somethings who actually do not own the big corporations and factories or run countries that produce green house emissions.

I can’t but wonder how having a concert about climate change, a celebration of awareness as the organizers would have it, a feel good session of ‘I’ve done my part’, will motivate people to make sacrifices after the concert to cut down energy wastage after an orgy of energy wastage in the concert itself.

I believe in global warming, and that the way to approach it is through hard education and questioning and not emotional posturing like in a concert of all things. Greenhouse gases don’t just disappear because you attended some concert, or wore a green shirt on 7/7/07.


2 Responses to “Live earth concerts?”

  1. July 8, 2007 at 10:41 am

    Just think of the Co2 let out by the private jets to ferry cargo, staff and artistes around the numerous locations..

    Living Green? Not quite there yet me thinks hehe..

  2. 2 Bryan
    July 8, 2007 at 12:15 pm

    Hi, a good post. There’s a concept called carbon offsets to trade off the carbon produced in generating electricity for gigs like this. If lets say 20 tons of carbon was produced, they might plant 20 trees to contra off the usage. The idea being one tree will produce one ton of oxygen in its lifetime. Gore is a great believer in this but I’m not sure if carbon offsetting for this concert have been announced.

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