Sigh…political naivete?

Parti Keadilan National’s information chief, the very outspoken and (in)famous, Tian Chua said this


in response to this


While I admire what PKR stands for, I think that Wan Azizah should just fire her Information Chief for the good of the party.

With that sort of comment, am I to understand that PKR sanctions what Nik Aziz just said? With PAS recently concluding their general assembly, the message from the ground is clear: Change or die.

Nik Aziz is so adamant on nailing the final nail in his coffin, we shan’t bother even to talk about it. But PKR is a young party. It has potential, and has the patronage of who was once a rising star in Malaysian politics. Mr. Chua shouldn’t imagine that the ulama has in mind a barrier between theology and politics because Nik definitely thinks that that wall doesn’t exist. Neither should he think that he is allaying our fears because katak-di-bawah-tempurung theology can and will-albeit forcefully-be applied to any country, including Malaysia.

Just look at Iran, the Taliban and closer to home, the nutter Muslim-Thai young men beheading people.

Put it this way, Tian Chua has just rendered given the most irrelevant response any political party can make. It’s kinda hard to take PKR seriously in nation building much less running a country as complex as Malaysia.



2 Responses to “Sigh…political naivete?”

  1. June 4, 2007 at 8:35 pm

    Why fire him on a statement is very true though he can save the obvious truth..

  2. June 4, 2007 at 8:37 pm

    uh.. I don’t think it’s political naivete. It’s political expediency.

    You do know that PKR and PAS are going to be hand-in-glove during the up coming elections, right? As in, they’re discussing seat allocations, having respective parties support each other during campaigning, that sort of thing?

    So for Nik Aziz to say something like that (politically damaging only to moderates or the far left), it is obviously for a specific audience.

    PKR purporting to be multi-racial cannot denounce it because they are de facto partners with PAS, and they cannot alienate PAS supporters..

    So PKR must make a non-comment comment. He said the only thing he could say, IMO.

    No, neither he nor the party he speaks for are politically naive, I believe.

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