Cabinet speaks, Maybank macam mana?


Finally, common sense prevails in this country.  But some thoughts are in order.

Although it would seem that it is a good thing that the Cabinet did intervene, it raises questions on whether the bank (Maybank) would have reversed its policy shift otherwise. The very fact that the Cabinet had to make a statement concerning the matters of a bank (no matter how big it is) raises questions of Big-Brother type interferences within society.

Properly speaking, the Cabinet can/and should express regret over Maybank’s policy shift and advise the bank to do the necessary. It is quite another to intervene. If anything, why didn’t anyone within the internal management of Maybank do anything to stop this? If someone in management team had spoken up or done something, wouldn’t this have been resolved quietly within Maybank and avoided embarassment and criticism. In this case, the only loser is Maybank.

This incident clearly shows how much power the Executive really has. And although on the surface it would seem that this power is being used ‘correctly’. One can imagine how many more ways this power has been abused, and in such instances swept under the radar of the mainstream media.

And talking about the media. I imagine that MCA has made a killing over this whole incident, especially how theStar has portrayed Ong Kah Ting as some kind of spokesperson for ‘justice and equality’ in Malaysia. You bet that this has something to do with Ijok and the Chinese voting pattern.

One wonders why Samy Vellu is so quiet in this incident?


1 Response to “Cabinet speaks, Maybank macam mana?”

  1. May 10, 2007 at 5:22 pm

    Great to hear that.

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