Over the years, I’ve come to realize that I am not the type of person who likes to get into debates.

Wait…let me take back these words. I do. I debate with my mother, father. I tease and argue with my sister. I’ve had deep discussions with John (Tey), Raj, Lydia, Faith and others etc…(I hardly talk with my brother, which is quite a shame). Heck, I’ve even debated my EXCO chairman, Paul who is a practising lawyer now. (Pretty brave of me yah..lolz).

But one thing I don’t debate is religion. I have had several talks with Pacey (for instance) on Christianity. But I just left it at that. I think I’ve never really shared the gospel on a one-to-one basis before in my entire life. I think the reason is simply that it makes me uncomfortable.

I think a lot of people would come to my side and cast an understanding nod.

But, though I would appreciate the empathy, I cannot agree with the reasoning behind it.

Simply put, faith comes from the hearing of the word. I can’t find it in the Bible that true faith grows on a person, or is gradually realized from being moved by good deeds (although this would help out alot.) I disagree with St. Francis of Assisi. The Gospel must nessecarily be preached with words.

Look at the evidence: Great revivals trace back to great preaching by great preachers. John Sung, Wesley, Spurgeon, Moody and the like. The Apostles preached, Paul certaily did and Jesus himself took every opportunity to preach (and discuss) the good news. Mother Teresa may have inspired many-only to more good works and not to belief in Christ per se.

Words are risky indeed. They reveal us as bigots, sometimes rightly so. It is a flawed tool, but a redeemed one. Simply put, it takes a lot of guts to say to a friend or stranger, ” Repent of your sins and believe in Christ that you may be saved.” And saved from what? Injustice, alienation and oppression? There is a part here that is being missed out and sadly underemphasized: Saved from future-but certain-judgement.

Sometimes the gospel is preached hurtfully, sometimes with arrogance, sometimes intolerantly and most often that not, demeaningly. But because the message is so precious and so urgeant, words are by far the fastest and most efficient way of getting the message across. I’ve heard it countless times, ” Show don’t tell!” The truth of the matter is ” Show AND TELL!”

I guess it is time for me to make a choice and commitment. To share the gospel with at least ( I know modest lar, but must start small first right) one person by the end of this year.

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