Quote IX

Another of my favourite quotation series.

Today’s famous quote is:

So, do you believe in Jesus?

Now, one may argue that this isn’t a quote, it’s hardly significant in and itself. It’s a conversation starter mostly, pointing to the eventual sharing of the Gospel.

But what is interesting to note that in Acts, nobody ever asked this question since it was painfully obvious that not many did.

But somehow in our day and time, we have seemed to have forgotten the simple fact that in the majority, people are not Christians. But the more surprising thing is that we do not need to know whether or not they believe in Jesus.

Preach the Gospel, but use words if neccesary. Somehow in this day and age, we have equated evangelism = gospel proclamation. Evangelism is certainly included in the latter, but never vice-versa. Look throughout history, Gospel proclamation is a bigger enterprise, a larger movement of the Spirit that canned evangelism tracts.

Not to say that personal evangelism does not matter, it does, and simply because we should ‘answer when we are asked about our hope’.

Preach the Gospel, through words and actions, live it, breathe it and proclaim it. Die for it, if neccesary, through all and all, the Gospel is preached anyway. We don’t need to know whether or not ‘the other’ believes in Jesus or not, we already know the answer to that.


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