Scouts honour!

CNN.com – Accident kills 4 Scout leaders at Jamboree – Jul 26, 2005:

The Jamboree runs through August 3 with President Bush scheduled to speak Wednesday evening. Scouts ages 12-18 are to spend 10 days camping in tents and doing activities that include archery, fishing and a GPS-based scavenger hunt.

The Boy Scouts of America have held the event since 1937 with the next gathering set for 2010, the Scouts’ 100th anniversary. It may not be held at Fort A.P. Hill, which has hosted the event since 1981.

A federal judge recently ruled that the Pentagon can no longer financially support the event. If the ruling stands, the Boy Scouts would have to find another location for their next gathering.

A lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois contends that the Defense Department’s sponsorship violates the First Amendment because the Scouts require members to swear an oath of duty to God.

Copyright 2005 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

I cut out the relevant portions I was interested in. Although unrelated to the tragedy in question, this last portion is interesting in its own right. This is America’s own social issue, and I guess it’s out of my place to give a comment. But nevertheless there is a potential for any organization within any country (Singapore and M’sia included) to act in a knee-jerk reactive way like the ACLU above.


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